Top Educational Toys for Toddlers and Small Children- Genius Babies!

“Genius” Baby?

One of the biggest goals of parenting is making sure your children are set for the world they are born into. Its common knowledge to every adult that children are the future and will inhabit this world inevitably. Understanding this fact in basic society gives way to institutions aimed at the sculpting the minds of our future leaders. We are coerced into schooling at a young age for the purpose of  refining our brains in a step by step manner so we are able function and make a living when we’re older.

Often, you here that saying when someone is pregnant:” That’s 18 years of your life that you will be responsible for another person!” Scary right? Often, we skip to the end when starting something in order to plan and map out some sort of strategy (otherwise, modern society as we know it would not exist). In doing so, we tend to neglect the wonders of the beginning.

As we set aside some money for Jr to go to college, we are missing some very key moments that could very well land him/her there in the first place!

In the early stages of a child’s development, there are periods where they are the most susceptible to learning certain things! For example, writes: “During this time, your child’s neural circuits are especially open to learning through new experiences. After the window closes – though it never slams totally shut – the brain can still learn that skill, but it’s harder, and the results are rarely as good.

During the toddler years, your child begins to develop emotional, social, and physical intelligence. These are the “sponge years” when you catch little Susie mimicking everything her parents say or do (for better or for worse). At this stage, your child’s brain soaks up information like a sponge and retains it better than an adult.

Toddler years are for:

  • Learning ABC’s
  • Learning to Count
  • Learning the cause and effects of their actions
  • Learning to speak

These years can be filled with turmoil from the “terrible two’s” but also offer a window for exceptional growth.

The best ways to get your child up, running, and ahead of the game is to monitor as much as possible what he/she is ingesting: whether mentally or physically. This includes the one thing that can semi get them to simmer down for a second a or two: toys! But, not the traditional hot wheels race car that makes the “vroom” noise you probably hear in your sleep. But more like the toys that incorporate numbers and letters: things that adhere to the two birds one stone approach. Educational toys for toddlers and small children offer a large array of early benefits other than entertainment and a break for overworked parent!

These Benefits include:

  • Discovering sense of self and building self-esteem
  • Learning how to share and deal with conflict
  • Expanding creativity
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Refining motor skills
  • Increasing IQ

Educational toys provide your toddler with a head start that could take them all the way to finish line!

We’ve compiled a short list of educational toys that could extrememly benefit any parent looking to get in the “extra(early) credit” hours! .

Top Toys for Toddlers and Small Children

1. JasonWell 94 PCS Creative Magnetic Tiles Building Set for Preschool Education Kit

Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Ages: 1-UP

Cheapest Place to buy:

Price: 25.99


  • Offers a magnetic and durable toy set that can be remolded into any shape the child desires.  This includes different animals, shapes, buildings, or structures.
  • This offers a chance to increase creativity and is widely adaptable to fit the toddler and not the other way around. Pieces are not too large to cause harm and not too small in case of swallowing.

2.  V-Tech Touch and Activity Desk Deluxe 

Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Ages: 2 and up

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Price: $39.82


  • An active touchscreen desk that are riddled with loads of engaging content to get your child speaking and developing analytical skills early!
  • Offer updates (extended packs) that can be purchased separately so your little one never grows tired of the same sequences.
  • Transforms into a chalkboard with easily accessible for art supplies to encourage curiosity and boast creativity

3.   Stem Learning Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks 

Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Ages: 3-6

Price: 35.99


    • Aimed at developing scientific, technological , engineering and math skills early as possible by challenging your kid to build anything from trucks, to transformers, to anything else he/she can think of!
    • Helps to build motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Obvious creativity booster !

4.Leap Frog Educational Game System 

Customer Rating: 4/5

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Ages: 3-8

Price: 75.95


  • An active video game system that hooks to your television just like a Wii remote. Offers a wide array of games that teach reading math, science and problem solving skills.
  • The console, camera, mount, transforming controller, HDMI cable , and 16GB memory are included a with the set. Games are sold separately .

5. Musical House Learning for Toddlers 

Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Ages: 1-3

Price: 24.95


  • Offers a multitude of different sound effects linked to different activities on the house to keep your toddler focused and entertained.
  • Activities help your child with early motor function skills, hand-eye coordination and Problem Solving.
  • Offers games like a working piano, bead calculating games, slots for shapes, as well games to identify animals and shapes.

This concludes our list for educational toys for toddlers and small children. If you have any more suggestions, or liked the post feel free to comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Top Educational Toys for Toddlers and Small Children- Genius Babies!

  1. Aww, I absolutely love your website! This is fantastic and right down my alley! This article — as you state at the beginning — you’d think would be common sense; “To make sure your children are set for the world they are born into.” SO MANY PARENTS don’t get this!! The lack of routine, boundaries, discipline, and structure wreak havoc in children’s lives today. On a deeper level it instills a lack of security and value and worth, as well as a sense of entitlement. I love these options you’ve provided, education is so important! And the earlier ya start the better! Thank you for sharing this and I plan on perusing the rest of your site!

    1. Hey Courtney,
      Your absolutely right! Start them off young and you will never have to worry about a college savings plan. I think modern families and parents need to start investing more into their children. Its the little things !


  2. Thanks for this list! As a mom of 3 boys under the age of 4, I’m always looking for ways to keep them entertained, but still have value.

  3. I can personally say the magnetic tiles were HUGE for my brothers when they were younger. Now that they’re almost teenagers, they can build something out of pretty much anything. I contribute a majority of that to the engineering toys they grew up with.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      That is really good to know! You right these articles in hopes of creating people like your brothers. They seem very phineas and ferbish.
      Thanks for commenting !


  4. Nice list, Dwight. Very helpful and useful. I like how you give info that is straight to the point. Information that can help us make the right decision. I have a 5-year old niece, and I can see a few items that will be good for her. Will forward this page to my brother, her father. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Dwight, nice article. I like how you said the “sponge years” how true that is. We need to support our children’s learning needs as they grow. I have seen it in my children each one develops differently but the goals are the same.

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