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I hope you’re well and also always looking to do better. That’s always been my motto anyways haha. My name is Dwiight Smith and i’m from a little city called New Orleans, LA. Being from a city that’s so culturally diverse, I too consider myself to be very multifaceted. A characteristic I share with the broad market of healthy alternatives.

What led me here you ask?

Thinking back, I also considered myself “why?” (rebellious, if you let my mother tell it) kid. I always felt a need to challenge and question the status quo. I believed, and still do, that we should question things as much as possible. Think about how far our race has come in the last 100 years. Philosophies were different back then, people believed different things. Whether it was in science, literature, equality, or hell, the computer/cellular device you’re viewing this from, at some period we had a proven less efficient way of living. We believe something, then poof! Something comes along and disproves it. Makes you think about what we really know huh?

In this ever-changing cyber society I don’t know about you, but I would think you would want to be on side relating to information more fresh (recent) it.

Evolutionary Process:

Growing up, I was a fairly slender kid. High metabolism so, gaining weight wasn’t necessarily a problem for me. Long story short, I ate literally how much and what i wanted. Wasn’t until my early twenties that my eating habits began to catch up.

After taking this wellness class in college, I began to fall more into the fitness culture. Things started to make sense and I began to learn more about my body. Those acne bumps, Eczema marks, and skin blotches faded away as I became more conscious about the things entering my body.

This dramatically changed my perception on life. One by one I became more disciplined in every aspect of my life.

The Healthy Way!!

I want to help people feel how great I feel. There is so much taught to us that is either outdated or just incorrect altogether.

My mission and the goal of The Organic Playlist is to provide a hub of ideas aimed at real time, relevant information pertaining to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

What do I mean by healthy? 

  • Healthy in the mind as we provide concepts for improving productivity or boosting creativity.
  • Healthy, in the body supplied with the latest fitness advice or daily nutrition advice.
  • Healthy in the Soul given the daily tools to achieve serene peace in your environment.

Again, Welcome to the Site

Feel free if you any questions to either leave a comment below or to my email address

Don’t forget to Be Organic !

– Dwight

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