Taking IQ Tests Online – Pointless or Profitable (Myth Busted)


Considering the obvious effects of having a genius IQ, every one has either at some point in their life, felt inadequate or extraordinary mentally. Whether its winning that spelling bee in fifth grade, taking that IQ test online, solving an everyday obstacle or the time you failed your first test: the average person exhibits periods of feeling “smart” and periods of feeling “dumb” quite often.

That takes me into my next point: the word smart. Smart is used to describe a person or thing that has a certain degree of problem solving, rhetorical, and analytical intelligence. However, regardless if you’ve ever been called smart, the term is very subjective.

Being called or classified as  “Smart” can depend largely on the person or institution attaching you to the adjective. Some people would make a claim stating that its only valid if a “smart” person or “reputable” institution deems another as smart or not.

Another way to gauge this in modern society, is schooling. In Western society, we tend to have a grade structure that equally distributes a point and reward system for gauging intellect. This system is called grade point average. By keeping a scale to measure the “intellect” of a person, schooling takes on the role of deciding who’s smart and deserves the big bucks!  Some of us have been A-students, most of us in the United States are between B and C students, and some between D and failing. The lower down on the totem pole and the longer, decides your fate with this system. When considering how long and how much individual lives reflect this grade structure, their shouldn’t be anything left to say on the matter, right?

Types of Intelligence

Wrong! Western schools tend to approach learning in a very one dimensional way. There is a fixed criterion in place and the student is encouraged to adopt this structure, or fall by the wayside as a failure. By creating this basis for intelligence, the child has to force himself into the same one dimensional thinking as it’s creator. One of the biggest criticisms of letting schools judge intellect is understanding that there are several types of intelligence that are largely undervalued in everyday curriculum: “In 1983 an American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence.”

  • Naturalistic Intelligence– A high intellect regarding the synopsis of the ecosystem. A person that can easily notice the subtle changes and features of living organisms and the environment.
  • IntraPersonal Intelligence – Emotional intelligence. A high intellect regarding what motivates people to take action. A deep understanding of the emotions and feelings of man .
  • Spatial Intelligence – An image based intelligence that deals with having high intellect in imagery. The ability to understand the spatial dynamics of an object at a glance: it’s circumference, weight, height, etc.
  • Linguistic Intelligence– Having a “silver tongue.” A high intellect regarding the complexity of human speech. The understanding of word placement, rhyme schemes, word origins, and language structure.
  • Musical Intelligence– Having the “ear.” A high intellect regarding the ability to understand rhythm, pitch, cadence, and tone. A large degree of knowledge pertaining to the musical scale, and thinking process.
  • Mathematical Intelligence– A high intellect regarding the ability to understand the complexity of numbers and how they affect our natural world. A high intellect regard the compiling, computing, and distribution of numbers towards certain aspects of life.
  • Existential Intelligence- A high intellect regarding deep philosophical questions like “what is the meaning of life?” Understanding what our purpose, past, and future all have in common.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence– A high intellect regarding interaction within society. The understanding of nonverbal and verbal Communion and its role in our society today.
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence– A high intellect regarding the dynamics of the human body. Understanding the potential and limitations of the human body.

Considering the fact that western schooling does not take these different aspects of intelligence into account when planning a curriculum, they are either completely ignored or one is excessively and blatantly put over the others.

So, smart? Smart can refer to a large scope of different things.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Test: What is It?

One way to effectively gauge a person’s intellect is to take an IQ test. Scientist Pual Broca and Sir Francis Galton are recognized as one of the first people to ponder the concept of measuring intelligence between 1822- 1911. Their first attempts were to compare sizes of the human skull to measure intelligence. The bigger, the smarter: they thought.

“The first modern intelligence test in IQ history was developed in 1904, by Alfred Binet (1857-1911) and Theodore Simon (1872-1961). The French Ministry of Education asked these researchers to develop a test that would allow for distinguishing mentally retarded children from normally intelligent, but lazy children. The result was the Simon-Binet IQ test. This IQ test consists of several components such as logical reasoning, finding rhyming words and naming objects.”(123Test.com)

IQ Test Today

Even though some believe the test are constructed based on a culture-based perspective, IQ test today have been refined to incorporate societal effects on intelligence. Today, they are composed of a verbal and performance-based assessments that are usually given in front of a psychologist and higher learning society.

Online IQ Test Vs In-Person IQ Test : The Verdict.

Taking IQ tests online involve the look and feel of a real IQ test but fall short in scientific research and calculation. They offer a multiple choice option for a variety of questions aimed to test your problem solving, mathematical, and linguistic skills. They are not backed by higher intelligence organizations and offer no real proven judge of intelligence. However, they can offer a glimpse into what to expect if you were to take one. For example, look at what one of the most decorated higher learning societies said about taking IQ tests online: “The online test does not give you your IQ, and does not, on its own, qualify you for a Mensa membership. However, it is useful to evaluate your chances to pass the actual Mensa IQ test. It is free, and you can pass it online.” Companies like Mensa, opt their candidates into taking an online IQ test before applying to do the real thing.

Hope you found this article helpful! This concludes our post on online IQ Test.

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2 thoughts on “Taking IQ Tests Online – Pointless or Profitable (Myth Busted)

  1. Dwight your title of this post has been the premise in many conversations with friends.
    The idea that we can measure intelligence is driven by ego more than anything. I understand there are different types of intelligence and these status may be helpful for some career achievements.

    I think that talent can be manufactured and IQ tests can be a waste of time but in saying this, I’d like to see the scores of high achievers to see how it compares to other life performances.

    1. Hey Vince,
      Thats a very interesting point you have there. I do agree that having Iq test in the first place is largely attributed to ego, however, some of the greatest minds in the history of humanity have been assumed to score pretty high on these test. I think the biggest thing to consider in IQ test is that if you look at the number of different types of intelligence, IQ test in general only adhere to about 3-4 out of 8 which could mean you could be genius in a certain type and not know i: intersting stuff.

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